Paradigm Shift Ministries

Welcome to Paradigm Shift Ministries!

This is the home for Paradigm Shift Ministries, where we seek to bridge the gap between the Church and the world by creating an open and honest dialogue about the Church’s place in this globalized age of information overload.  Paradigm Shift Ministries exists to help connect and equip leaders who share our vision of redefining what it means to be a Christian in today’s postmodern culture.

The term “paradigm shift” is defined as “a fundamental change in approach or assumptions.”  It seems that the label “Christian” has some serious negative baggage in the eyes of today’s culture.  We want to see a “paradigm shift” take place so that the world may see Christians and the Church in a new light.  We want people to look at Christianity for themselves without being swayed by any preconceived assumptions.  Make sure to check out our blog, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages.